You have questions and we have answers!

How do I visit your clubs?

You must first create a Second Life account. Then you must download and install a viewer.  For a better experience we recommend  the third party viewer Firestorm. Then you need to figure out how to actually use the impossibly complicated thing. Once you have figured out how to teleport you can visit the clubs and come running into the clubs shouting "I want doh Sex!!!"  Make sure you bump into as many other avatars as possible. Also click on everything in the club. Oh, and jump on stage and stare at the staff.

Do you have a dress code?

Yes, we ask that you wear something and not poke people with your protruding genitalia. Tentacles are completely fine.

I am a Vampire. Can I bite people?

Of course! As long as we get to hold you down and fart in your mouth.


Oh no! I have been banned from the clubs. What do i do?

Please teleport to one of the many other clubs in Second Life and act like a douchebag there.


I want to be a dancer or entertainer. How do I get an application?

Ask any of the staff or click on anything that looks like it might give you an application in the clubs.


How do I dance?

Touch our balls. Go ahead. You know you want to.


This Creepy guy from lithuania won't stop iming me. He wants me to make vampire babies for him. What do i do?

Mute him and turn him into an orange fart cloud. Continue dancing.